Hey. Recently tossed aside by my friends and supposed lover. Now trying to repair myself. Gotta start somewhere right? This is a new blog. No one from my other life knows about this blog. Peace Love and Time Machines O.O <3 I'm Crazy btw. xD

I’m so sorry I was so thirsty Bobby. I’m sorry. You were fucking other chicks though but the new norm is to be friends that fuck first then maybe spark something at the breaking point but I was so thirsty that it all got blocked and I knew I just wanted you and your dick! Bye forever I’ll remember I first squirted with you. (It doesn’t mean anything).

— 2 weeks ago

I’m sitting up here crying to ed sheeran. Fuck me.

— 3 weeks ago

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Watching Wilfred is just me oogling Elijah Woods body and eyes.

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Yeah my new crushes are Ray and Geoff in that order. Micheal is too wayward and Gavin I still like but kinda small. Need a real man. Geoff looks like a douche that will hurt you and Ray is just a sexy Mexican yum.

— 1 month ago

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My life summed up in 2 pics.

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